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Insurance for Consumers & Business

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The Best Key Person Insurance Policies

Every business strives to hire outstanding and hardworking personnel, and these standout employees can become essential to the company’s daily operations and profitability, especially when they are co-owners, members of the senior leadership team, or key salespeople. However, what happens if one of these essential employees unexpectedly passes away or becomes disabled? Key person insurance,

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The Best Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) Policies for 2023

Any business that employs others is vulnerable to potential lawsuits from current, former, or prospective employees alleging unfair or illegal treatment. From the hiring process all the way to separation from an employee, there are countless potential issues that could lead to a costly claim. And in today’s rapidly shifting social and legal environment, claims

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The Best Professional Liability Insurance Companies for 2023

Professional liability insurance, also commonly known as errors & omissions insurance, is an important coverage for any business that provides professional services to others. Despite all good intentions, businesses sometimes make mistakes or do something else that causes a client to file a liability lawsuit, and in these situations, insurance provides financial relief and peace

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The Best Tow Truck Insurance Companies for 2023

Commercial tow truck insurance protects businesses that generate income by transporting disabled vehicles. This guide will cover all the information that towing business owners and contractors should know when buying tow truck insurance, including what the insurance covers, how policies are structured, towing insurance rates, and how to compare insurance providers. Before getting into the

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